A court of frost and starlight review

Hello again lovelies,

Back again with another review from my all time favourite book (novella); a court of frost and starlight.

RATING 100/10 (yes I love this book a lot)

Firstly the cover:

This cover is actually my favourite out of all of them, the writing colour is different showing is as a novella rather than a main storyline book. I think that is was a wise choice and I love the colour combo of the black background with the gold writing, it stands out especially on a shelf with the rest of the series. I also love that Feyre is now portrayed in a light dress symbolising a more wholesome storyline with less drama (although still not lacking in it).

Next the characters:

Just a short overview of the main characters.

Feyre is high ladybof the night court and mates to Rhys.

Rhys is high lord of the night court and mates to Feyre.

Amren is still Rhys’ second in command despite now only being high fae after her dip into the cauldren. P. S she is still as feisty as a high fae.

Morrigan (mor) is still a bubbly fun character who brings the party to any occasion.

Cassian (cas) the strongest Ilryan warrior in history who seems to be struggling with his lack of relationship with Nesta.

Azriel (az) is still quiet and withdrawn but the shadowsinger seems to have made a special bond with Elain.

Nesta is adjusting harshly to life after Hybern and has withdrawn herself from the household and maintainers an isolated lifestyle.

Elain is slowly adjusting to life as a high fae and has begun to become more animated and forms a bond with Azriel.

I love the mystery left within the characters that we will have to wait until the next instalment to read more into it. I also love the character development between the last book and this one.

Next the storyline:

The story follows the group over their winter fest period overcoming some of the problems faced after the war with Hybern and their attempt at a normal holiday. Even though nothing is ever normal in a Sarah J Maas book.

Next my opinions:

I think that this section is pointless as I already made my opinions very clear but here goes.

I love the flow of the novella it us exactly as a novella should be. It answers some of the questions the last book left and creates new storyline for the follow on book. With not too much drama squeezed into such a small book and enough that it is still interesting. The character developments make sense and I feel that they make chronological sense.

I am really looking forward to Sarah J Maas’ new release in 2020.

Lastly my favourite bits:

My favourite character in this book is still Rhys what can I say i am in love with the thought of loving him.

My favourite line comes from Mor when she and Feyre are in the cabin and Feyre sends Rhys a very intimate image down the bond while he was in the steam room with Cas and Az.

“you got him kicked out didn’t you?”

It has me howling every time I read it.

Thanks again for reading especially if you reached the end. Let me know your opinions on the ‘a court of thornes and roses’ series in the comments and let me know if there is anything you want me to include.


Noodlesbooks. Xx

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