A court of wings and ruin review

Hi and welcome back,

So as I have recently finished acowar I thought I would share my opinions.

RATING 11/10

So firstly the cover:

So as with the previous books I love the style of the cover, I think that the cover draws you in as you read with your eyes first the colour is beautiful, the writing style draws you in and the images show the heroine from Sarah J Maas’ eyes.

Next the characters:

Here is a small introduction to the main characters.

Feyre is the main protagonist and she is high fae adapting, mates to Rhys and high lady of the night court.

Tamlin is the high lord of the spring Court and becomes a secondary antagonist for the most part of the story.

Lucien is a high fae and is no longer tamlins emissary after following Feyre to the night court.

Ianthe is the youngest high priestess and has a dark side when it comes to lovers, after selling out Feyres sisters to the king of hybern, Feyre finds it impossible to forgive her.

Rhysand (Rhys) is high lord of the night court (and a total babe) Yes Rhys is my favourite as you will probably be able to tell, mate to Feyre.

Amren is neither human nor high fae no one knows what she is but she is a short feisty character who also happens to be so strong she was appointed Rhys’ second in command.

Morrigan (Mor) is Rhys’ cousin and is his third in command in his court, she is described as the one Rhys would call when the armies are dead.

Cassian (Cas) is a snarky confident illyrian warrior who leads Rhys’ armies.

Azriel (Az) is a quiet mystirious illyrian warrior who serves as Rhys’ shadowsinger.

The king of hybern is the main antagonist in the series we know very little about him other than he is very powerful and evil. He will do anything to bring down the wall and take over the human realm.

Elain is Feyres elder sister, she is a kind soul who isn’t adapting well to becoming high fae especially when she was engaged to a mortal who hunts the fae. Elain is lucien mate but she refuses to accept the bond due to her engagement.

Nesta is Feyres eldest sister and she is a fiery stubborn character who does her best to ensure the other characters dislike her. Nesta stole from the cauldren and no one knows what she took.

The character development in this book is immense, each character has their own identity and their own personality which Maas manages to bring out and maintain throughout, there are many other characters in the book but if I mentioned them all the blog would go on forever.

Next the storyline:

This story follows Feyre on her challenging journey from the spring Court back to the night court, where she tries to help her sisters adjust and her attempts to find help in the upcoming war from the other High Lords and then into her battle with the king of hybern meeting some unlikely aquantences along the way.

Next my opinions:

I love this book even more than the first two, I love this series so much hence why I have read it so many times. This series houses some of my favourite ever fictional characters and my favourite fictional couple.

I love the writing style and the description of all the different places visited, all the different characters and all the different creatures. Sarah J Maas is a truly gifted writer.

Finally my favourite bits:

My favourite character in the book is of course Rhysand he is a truly amazing character and I’m sure he is a fan favourite.

My favourite ship is of course Feysand do I have to say more, I love the drama and the passion of their relationship.

My favourite creature in this book is a hard choice, I think it has to be byraxis (the creature in the library) we aren’t told much about his character or what he really is but I love the mystery.

My favourite line in the book comes from Rhys when he is giving his speach before the hybern fight.

“I would have waited five hundred more years for you. A thousand years. And if this was all the time we were allowed to have… the wait was worth it.

Thanks again for reading especially if you got this far, leave a comment with any other sections you think I should add to future blogs, and any tips on how to improve.


Noodlesbooks. Xx

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