A court of mist and fury review

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RATING 10/10

I recent finished A court of mist and fury and here are some of my opinions.

Firstly the cover:

Again just like the ‘A court of thornes and roses cover ‘ it is beautiful and simple, I love the writing style and I love how simple the cover is. The white writing on the blue background makes it pop and it is beautiful.

Next the characters:

Here is a small introduction to the main characters.

Feyre is the main protagonist and she is a newly turned high fae adapting to her new life, also night court emmisary to the human worlds

Tamlin is the high lord of the spring Court and Feyre’s ‘betrothed’.

Lucien is a high fae and Tamlins emissary.

Ianthe is the youngest high priestess who befriends Feyre when she needs it most but has a dark side when it comes to lovers.

Rhysand (Rhys) is high lord of the night court (and a total babe) Yes Rhys is my favourite as you will probably be able to tell.

Amren is neither human nor high fae no one knows what she is but she is a short feisty character who also happens to be so strong she was appointed Rhys’ second in command.

Morrigan (Mor) is Rhys’ cousin and is his third in command in his court, she is described as the one Rhys would call when the armies are dead.

Cassian (Cas) is a snarky confident illyrian warrior who leads Rhys’ armies.

Azriel (Az) is a quiet mystirious illyrian warrior who serves as Rhys’ shadowsinger.

The king of hybern is the main antagonist in the series we know very little about him other than he is very powerful and evil. He will do anything to bring down the wall and take over the human realm.

Next the storyline:

This book follows Feyre on her attempted recovery from under the mountain and her transition into a high fey, she struggles adapting to life in the spring Court as Tamlin’s bride and finds help in unlikely friends. Along side her new friends Feyre battles to find the book of breathing to destroy an ancient evil surfacing because of the King of Hybern.

Now onto my opinions:

I love the character developments throughout the book and how you learn more and more about the characters all the way through, you don’t just learn everything in one fatal swoop, it is cleverly spread out and helps you remember more about the characters and helps piece things together like a puzzle. I love the way the characters change throughout the storyline and how based on events spaced out throughout the previous and current book the characters emotions and physical wellbeing change.

The storyline is also strong and very well thought out. It makes chronological sense and isn’t rushed into just a few days it is spread out over the course of months. The way Sarah J Maas writes makes it easy to follow along with the book and makes you want to read and read and read.

I can’t pick out any faults in this book it is incredible in all ways.

Lastly onto my favourite bits:

My favourite character in this book is Rhysand his character development is insanely good and Sarah J Maas shows different sides to him as he interacts with different people or situations within the book. And he is and absolute babe.

My favourite quote from this book comes from Amren when talking to Cassian when taking in the training ring.

”Touch me Cassian, and I’ll remove your favourite part. Small as it might be. ”

I love the humor in it and how ‘very Amren’ it is.

My favourite creature in this book is the bone carver. He is so eerie and ‘extra’ he is one of the mysterious characters which we don’t know a lot about.

Thanks again for reading, leave a comment below if you have any tips on how to improve.


Noodles books xx

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  1. Always good when you find a good book! Is this more fantasy or historical fiction? Or both?


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