A court of thornes and roses review

Hi there, I’m very new to book blogging. In fact this is my first one ever so go easy on me also any hints and tips on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.

RATING – 10/10

So firstly the cover:

Obviously it is stunning, it is relatively plain but with just enough detail to draw you in. I think the writing style on the cover is beautiful and clear and the imagery created tells you exactly what type of book it is.

Next the characters:

The characters in the book are well thought out with the perfect amount of detail to show the reader exactly how Sarah J Maas pictured the characters.

An introduction to the main characters:

Feyre is the protagonist and she shows a strong and determined human character in the book.

Tamlin is a fae high lord of the spring Court who is under a curse and needs Feyre to help break it.

Lucien a high fae, his father is the high lord of the autumn court and is now emissary of the spring Court.

Amarantha is the main antagonist in the story, she is a firey red head who holds power over the curse on the High Lords.

Rhysand is a secondary antagonist for most of the book but in the end of the book ends up on the same side of the fight as our protagonist Feyre.

Next the storyline:

The book follows Feyre who is a human on her journey, whilst hunting for her families meal for the night she comes across a wolf and slays it, it turns out that the wolf is fae and Feyre gets drawn into the fae world of pyrithian, during her journey she finds some unlikely friends in the fae who imprisoned her, she doesn’t figure out how to help her new found fae friends fight the blight until it is almost too late. Whether or not she manages, will be up to you to read.

Now down to the nitty gritty; Opinions:

I am not going to sugar coat it, I absolutely adore this book as you would have seen by the rating. I belive that the detail in the story is amazing. Sarah J Maas’ attention to detail is insane. Every single one of her characters has their own background and their own character all explained throughout the book. She describes each with enough detail that you can visualise the characters and picture the expressions on their faces.

The storyline is well wrote and incredible. There are enough twists and turns in the book which aren’t answered straight away, it leaves you guessing and wanting to read more and more, the first time I read it I believe I read it in one sitting because I just needed to know what happened next. The first time I read it I remember a lot of the plot twists came as a shock because I hadn’t heard a lot about the books. Which is exactly how it should be.

Lastly my favourite bits:

My favourite character in this book has to be Feyre I loved the way her character developed and how sassy she became towards the middle and how her character developed towards the end.

My favourite quote from the book has to be from Feyre talking to Tamlin about the Suriel.
“He also said that you liked being brushed, and if I’m a clever girl, I might train you with treats.”
I just remember the first time I read it I sat laughing to myself for ages.

My favourite creature in the book is the Naga. I love the image that was created in my mind when it was described hence why it ended up my favourite.

Any hints and tips or comments on what you have read please leave them in the comments.


Noodlesbooks xx

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